chapter  2
An Overview of PRINCE2
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The Quality theme defines the PRINCE2 approach to ensuring that the project create and verify products that are fit for purpose. The PRINCE2 concept is that the acceptance criteria met before the user accepts the final product. PRINCE2 may form part of a company's Quality Management System where project management standards are defined. Quality assurance activities are therefore outside the scope of PRINCE2 and the responsibility of corporate or programme management. Project Assurance refers to the Project Board's accountability for assuring that the project is conducted properly in all respects. The customer's quality expectations made clear in the project mandate at the very outset of the project. The Quality Register is updated during the Managing a Stage Boundary process when planning the next stage. Quality review documentation, together with the Quality Register, provides a record that the product was inspected, that any errors found were corrected and that the corrections were themselves checked.