chapter  4
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Networks of Knowledge Creation and Dissemination

The phrase fragmented networks centres on the notion that scholars digital identities are fragmented. This chapter proposes that scholars presentation of self online is conscientious, fragmented and socially-constructed. Scholars participation on social media is fragmented: it is distributed across platforms, and even though it is actively created and curated, it is incomplete and not fully representative of whom they are as people. The ability to create, manage, and traverse profiles on social networking sites has given rise to digital notions of self-presentation and impression formation. Researchers have argued that scholars need to be intentional in creating and managing their web presence. In study of networked scholars, Stewart found that 'credited parties consistently retweeted credit-giving tweets more often than other forms of attention directed at them, indicating that sharing the praise of others may, like humor and self-deprecation, constitute acceptable attention-cultivation in networks'.