chapter  7
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Nicholas: A Visitor

While the research on digital scholarly practices often focuses on heavy users, such as Anna (chapter 3), the majority of scholars do not appear to adopt social media in extensive, or even imaginative, ways. Thus, Nicholas serves as an example of how the majority of scholars are currently using social media in their life. White and LeCornu (2011) argue that while visitors tend to see digital environments in tool-oriented or instrumental terms, residents operate from a relational sense of place and presence with others. From resident perspectives, the value of a digital environment is “assessed in terms of relationships as well as knowledge” (White & LeCornu, 2011, IV.2 Residents section, ¶ 2), with identity, profi les and belonging all foregrounded. However, “even Twitter and blogs can be approached in the less-visible visitor mode when people use them to consume rather than produce Internet content” (Connaway, Lanclos, & Hood, 2013, Mode and Mode Combinations section, ¶ 5). Individuals vary in their use of tools and ways they engage with these technologies, so there’s no standard with regard to how “visitors” to networked scholarship behave.