chapter  11
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Scholarly Networks, or Scholars in Networks?

The Academic Breakfast Tumblr blog was started in May 2014 as a networked project to gather photographs and descriptions of academics’ breakfasts. Each blog post starts with a photograph of an individual’s meal followed by a response to a set of standard questions, some of which are demographic and some of which are intended to describe the individual’s breakfast and his/her philosophy of food. The creator of the project, Lucas Crawford, a faculty member at Simon Fraser University at the time, listed six reasons for the project. Crawford (2014, ¶ 2) wrote that this project was created to:

remind ourselves that eating is a public matter … see how food habits may diff er across rank, region, nation, and gender … test our hypotheses about

social class, precarious work, and food access … demystify academia by entering its intimate spaces and nourishing scenes … remember that academics are bodies … [and] produce an alternative aesthetic representation of academic life.