chapter  6
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From patient- centred to person- centred health care

A 2011 editorial of the British Medical Journal advocated for making the twenty-first century the century of the patient.1 This change required moving from ‘the century of the doctor, the clinics, and medical industry’ by producing a critical mass of informed patients and clinicians, committed to patient care.2 The observation that ‘most patients report that they are not involved or informed in decisions about their care as much as they would like to be’ underpinned this vision, which a special panel had articulated to mark the signing of the 2010 Salzburg statement in support of shared decision-making.3,4 In 2015 the British Medical Journal put the spotlight again on patient-centred care, this time by commissioning articles to promote increased use of patients’ ‘energy, insight and expertise’ to strengthen patient care as ‘central to the mission of healthcare’.5