chapter  7
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Person- centred health care: values and virtues

Person-centred health care is a values-based ethic of virtue that emphasizes developing the good character of the clinician and patient as persons first in order to realize their interdependent capabilities to flourish. This chapter discusses how the clinician and patient can cultivate and exercise good character and virtues from identifying with fundamental values of person-centred health care. To this end, the chapter distinguishes these values individually from corresponding values of patient-centred health care and compares the values where they differ. The rationale for this analysis is to describe and understand each of the two model’s value structure, and how it is organized and functions, in order to facilitate differentiation between them. Complementing the generic definitions suggested for each model in previous chapters, this disaggregated approach anatomizes patient-centred health care and person-centred health care. Just as deconstructed food dishes have separately arranged components, these models are shown to be overlapping but distinctive entities whose multiple discrete dimensions fit together. Although these individual dimensions provide only a partial view, jointly they compose a comprehensive portrait of health care that is more vivid and detailed than generic descriptions can create.