chapter  9
An Empirical Legacy of Two-Process Theory: Two-Term versus Three-Term Relations
Pages 18

This chapter first reviews some of the animal research on the adjunctive behaviors with the goal of pinning down the necessary and sufficient conditions for inducing them. It then we review some of the more recent work on human adjunctive behavior. The chapter discusses the matter of adjunctive behavior into perspective and shows that it is an important class of behavior that deserves careful scrutiny. More work is needed, but it is clear that noise can reliably induce eating in satiated rats. It may well be that chronic airport and factory noise do the very same thing to people. Sexual frustration and noise also induce the range of oro-facial behaviors, though we have not tested for induced drinking with either procedure. No matter which inducing procedure is used-tail-pinch, reinforcement schedule, noise, or sexual frustration-animals emit the same type and quantity of adjunctive behaviors; the arrangement of food in the environment determines eating; and all outcomes are sensitive to parametric manipulation.