chapter  8
Who takes cooperative education programme?
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As it has been noted earlier, students may not decide to take cooperative education programme at random, but there may be a tendency among certain group of students to do so. In the previous chapter, Equation I of the path analysis illustrated such a tendency with

CE = a1 + b1 PreU + m1 Faculty + n1 Gender + u1 (7-1)”

which says that whether a student takes cooperative education programme depends on the student’s attributes such as pre-university academic performance, gender, and faculty. In another words, an academically motivated high school leaver might be more interested in cooperative education programme, it might have a gender difference, and it might be the faculty which encourages or discourages the programme due to its curriculum policy. This chapter shows how one can proceed to verify such statements with a particular interest in the fi rst of the three statements or:

Hypothesis I: Pre-university academic performance affects cooperative education participation

The Kyoto Sangyo University (KSU) student data are used with the econometric methodology discussed in Chapter 7 . The analysis of Chapter 8 is based on and extended from Tanaka (2012).