chapter  2
Operations after World War II
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With the end of hostilities, my brother moved back from employment on the army staff to his old career as a civil servant based in London while I was working on the Rhine Army staff in Germany until demobilization in June 1946. With no pre-war career to resume or any opening immediately available, I was able for a limited period to maintain myself on my savings and gratuity on demobilization and to try to complete the excavation and recording of my boat-finds. Support was scant , for I was not in close touch with the re-emergent archaeological establishment; and the Hull Museums' organization was in some disarray following the destruction of their main museum and its collections in 1941 and the death in 1945 of Tom Sheppard, who had been their moving spirit for many years. His successor J. B. Fay and assistant W. B. Southern, however, gave me both moral and practical support albeit with severely limited resources, the main benefit being the regular release of Southern from other duties to join my excavating team which was completed by P. E. Slack, the student son of some old friends (Figure 2.1).