chapter  9
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In the preceding pages I have aimed to set out all the relevant information now available about the boats and other finds; to give an assessment of their age and a picture of their surroundings; and to offer a reasoned hypothesis for the design of a complete boat. From the last, deductions have been made about how it might have performed and how it was built. In this final chapter I shall discuss the possible purpose of the site and role of the boats found there and conclude with some reflections on their place in the record of early boatbuilding and design. In both respects it is worth reiterating the cautionary words already written about the uncertainty of associations between artefacts even from so homogeneous a deposit as that at North Ferriby; about the conjectural elements in the reconstruction which can only be resolved with more finds and from experiment leading to the construction of a full-scale replica; and about the effects of the regrettably small sample worldwide of actual boats of the period with which ours can be compared.