chapter  13
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Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini made resistance to imperial domination the centerpiece of the Iranian Revolution's ruling ideology. Khomeini's hatred for America and Israel was evident throughout his life and political career. He believes that America is the ultimate source of every calamity that Iran has suffered and remains the major obstacle to 'Palestinian freedom' because of its support of Israel. Khamenei has designated Israel as 'the chief terrorist nation in the world' and often includes the US alongside Israel because of its pro-Israeli policies and partnership. He begins his explication of US policies toward Iran and the Muslim world by first defining foreign domination and the global arrogant powers. Global community is America's continuous arrogance toward the Iranian nation that caused Imam Khomeini to label it the 'Great Satan'. Khamenei explains what Iranians mean when they shout the slogan 'Death to America', which is commonly translated as 'Down with arrogance' by the Islamic Republic.