chapter  14
Muslim unity
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The concept of Muslim unity and spreading Islamic justice was at the center of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini's revolution. Khamenei declares Iran to be the self-proclaimed 'Leader of the Muslim World'. Khamenei's call to the Muslim world is a call to a Cultural Revolution similar to Iran's Islamic Revolution. As Supreme Leader, Khamenei defines his cultural policy as 'revolutionary culture', and, like Khomeini, advocates cultural change and a return to religious culture. He perceives humanity to be on a forward path moving toward religion and increased reliance upon God. Khamenei also perceives the Arab Spring as 'a battle against the global Zionist dictatorship'. The global community is suffering from a known pain with an unknown cure, and that pain is the hegemony of domineering governments. Khomeini rose against the domination, corruption, and humiliation imposed by foreign powers and the 'corrupt governments' that had sold Iran to them.