chapter  7
The person
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Ayatollah Khomeini as a political leader possesses a depth of experience and a wealth of academic training that informs his decision-making and leadership. Khamenei brings a wealth of knowledge and experience drawn from his family, his years as a political activist, and his service to his mentor. The attainment of knowledge was a pivotal cornerstone of Khamenei's upbringing. Khamenei advocates the utilization of art as a means of introducing revolutionary thoughts and nationalism to the Iranian society. He encourages the Iranian nation, especially the youth, to engage in sports and to participate in international sporting competitions to spread the values of the Islamic Revolution into the hearts and minds of the young people of the global community. In this era of global integration, Khamenei encourages Iranian scholars and specialists to create indigenous Farsi words and phrases rather than adopting Western terms. Khamenei examines reading and learning from other cultures, he places priority on Farsi.