chapter  10
The Crumbling Pillars of Behavioral Genetics
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This chapter describes the behavioral genetic and psychiatric genetic pillars of twin research and molecular genetic research are crumbling together, and there are few other pillars strong enough to hold up the theoretical structures these fields rest upon. It focuses on the writings of Robert Plomin, one of the world's leading and most influential behavioral geneticists, and is the lead author of Behavioral Genetics. The chapter argues that genetic factors should be integrated into the educational process based on twin method data produced by Plomin's UK-based Twin's Early Development Study (TEDS) and other twin method data. Genes do not decide that the more similar environments experienced by MZT versus DZT pairs can be transformed into a genetic effect. The numerous assumptions, decisions, predictions, and claims made by Plomin and leading behavioral genetic and psychiatric genetic researchers have been put to the ultimate test under the microscope of molecular genetic research and the results are now in.