chapter  8
Culture group and technocomplex
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A s we have hinted several times during the course of earlier chapters there appear to be larger and grosser archaeological groupings than even the culture group. T h ese grosser entities involve groups of cultures which are not related or collateral cultures but w hich do share polythetic com plexes of type fam ilies on the basis of com m on factors in environm ent, econom y and technology. Since it is extrem ely difficult to discuss an entity w ithout a name let us tentatively call these gross groupings technocomplexes. A term intended to convey a certain kind of gross artefact com plex as the vector of particular sociocultural, technological, econom ic and environm ental stances. T h e technocom ­ plex is a larger and looser entity than the culture group; an entity of larger size but lower rank than either the culture, or culture group.