chapter  1
Let Writing Come From a Place of Writing, Taking Students Through Three Types of Writing Necessary for Building a Common Core Writers’ Workshop
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Teachers began to work to honor student voice, and luminaries such as Nancie Atwell encouraged teachers to help students find the stories locked within them through personal narratives. Story structure, sensory details, dialogue-all the elements of excellent narratives can be taught and applied to personal narratives. Social Studies teachers, in particular, have been writing narratives to bring history to life for years. Heart mapping and neighborhood mapping used as an introductory activity to begin a narrative writing unit, either strategy can provide a wealth of stories for your students to tell. With a partner, have students read their narratives aloud. Using the Sensory Language Wheel, the listening partners can chart the details that they hear. After reading, the listeners can evaluate how well their partners used sensory language in their narrative. Although narratives are not listed as a genre to be specifically taught by content area teachers, the narratives can also fit well into the content area classroom.