chapter  2
Develop Thoughtful, Short Writing Prompts That Are “Infinite,” Not Finite
Pages 14

This chapter presents startegies that fits well with informational and research writing standards for English/Language Arts and informational writing standard for Literacy Standards for History/Social Studies, Science, and Other Technical Subjects. Informational text writing in most classes is an end product of Googling and searching Wikipedia on a topic, endless graphic organizers with main ideas and supporting details, and haphazard copy and pasting of facts into a word document. The vocabulary of an informational text is a true reflection of the expertise of its author. The chapter presents strategies to break up with a five-paragraph essay in favor of more creative ways to write informational text. Instead of students simply summarizing the information from a nonfiction text, there is a need for students to pay close attention to the choices that nonfiction authors make in their writing. Students need direct instruction on how to be savvy consumers of nonfiction text in order to be able to write it effectively.