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This is a book about marketing, more specifi cally about marketing and video games. In a relatively short time period we have seen video games fl ood a great many areas of life. There is no longer any doubt that this medium is having a huge impact on our way of life. This has been the case since the 1960s, when video games fi rst were starting to entertain us. This will also be the case in the future – no doubt! The possibilities open to this medium are endless, and we have as yet explored only a fraction of them. We believe that video games are an extremely powerful medium that can engage and mesmerize us, entertain and educate us. They can do all of these things – if we put our minds to releasing their potential. With this book we hope to make a humble contribution to the further exploration and development of video games. This is a journey that will benefi t from many different kinds of knowledge – not the least marketing.