chapter  6
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The Evidence Tools

Reflecting this, one of the main objectives of producing research was for CABE to evidence its own activities and to make them robust in a manner that design had never been perceived to be before. This was seen as particularly important because of the intangible nature of many of the assumed benefits of good design, and because of the widespread view that such benefits were subjective and not amenable to proper rigorous research. As put by a prominent member of the advisory group set up to guide the early activities of CABE Space:

The important thing was to set off with the intention of creating a body of evidence-based guidance because many people think of design as being a rather airy fairy and capricious activity done by selfindulgent and capricious, largely, men. So the work that was done . . . to demonstrate a connection between good design and value, whether that’s financial value or how people feel about their environment, was immensely important.