chapter  8
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The Outer-Eye

Although mood boards are very useful, it is vital for a designer to maintain a personal vision for a concept. Do not rip-off other artists and designers by directly imitating their styles. At the same time, rejecting the influence of other artists and designers is not practical and maybe not even possible. Designers are a part of a visual tradition that spans back to the beginning of imagemaking. You can honor the creative efforts and contributions of others by building on the traditions of what they have created. Remember though, there is a tipping point between paying homage and stealing. Ask yourself: Am I adding to what was done before, as well as expressing my personal vision? Or, am I copying the creative work of another? Be honest with yourself about your intentions and if you are indeed building upon a tradition. Work hard, and you may find your own creative work becoming the source of inspiration for other artists and designers.