chapter  8
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Against Unseen Exploitation: Global Justice Scripts

The twenty-first century began on 9/11. The attacks targeted not just buildings emblematic of the current world order and globalization but the very ideal of dialogue among cultures. Whether or not this was the terrorists’ intention, 9/11 did not stop the tide of globalization that is sweeping across contemporary societies. Instead, it raised awareness that the greatest quest of the century will involve envisioning a global civilization that can overcome the many negative aspects of globalization while enhancing its positive potential for spreading human rights, democracy, and the betterment of human life. Although the latter ideal has all too often been used by global corporate players whose operations-including unfair labor practices or destruction of the environment-are the root of the problem, we are faced with an ultimatum: either work toward global justice-an effort that will require reconceptualizing our understanding of humanity-or forego change and continue in a downward spiral of global injustice with its attendant ills that will only get worse. There is no single answer to this dilemma, but there is political urgency to it.