chapter  3
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The World Is Not Fair: Poetic Justice Scripts

Global justice, environmental justice, and social justice are the offspring of the New Justice mindset. The seeds of social justice and global justice and their formulations arrive on stage in the second part of the eighteenth century. However, the social justice was the long-awaited offspring whose coming of age became New Justice's pride and ideal, its unexpected twin, global justice, was interred alive right after its birth. Only in the second part of the twentieth century, the hierarchies of inequality were largely discarded, the gravestone of global justice begins to crumble. For all of its humor, the film exemplifies unseen exploitation across societies and is structured on the global justice script with an appropriate solution. Likewise, the focus on the method of achieving justice, actualizations of the global justice script can embed the restorative justice script, as in Le Guin's Voices, or the retributive justice script, usually in its defensive war track, as in Farmer's The Lord of Opium.