chapter  6
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The Magnitude of Antique Fragments Possibilities and Suggestions

T h e fragm ents have been assembled. D o they fit together? E ach chapter has explored one aspect o f the settlem ent pattern. L ittle o f the evidence is satisfactory and it has always been easier to suggest areas for future work than to draw together w hat is available. A nd yet each separate study has revealed a divergence from the cultural chronology w hich forms the norm al fram ework for prehistoric studies. This evidence must be allow ed to have its head. W h at follows is hardly a synthesis, since any definitive study must aw ait more subtle techniques o f social archaeology. T h e most that can be claim ed is that the tendencies described in the separate chapters are real and are connected. It is not easy to find a structure to inform ation scattered so prodigally through space and time. T h e chapter heading is taken from a draw ing by Fuseli, ‘T h e Artist in Despair over the M agn itude o f A n tique Fragm ents’ . It offers its own com m ent.