chapter  7
Spaces of Hope: Rethinking the Purposes of Citizenship
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Administrative rule, or more specifi cally that form of government founded on and furthering depoliticisation and technicalisation, has then become an increasingly prominent form of rule. It has become especially prominent as the go-to mode of government in response to ‘crises’. There is a very explicit and visible manifestation of administrative rule-when technocrats and experts are turned to-but there is also a much less visible, more banal but more insidious and deeply embedded in society form of administrative rule which has been the primary focus of this book. This is administrative rule as a power of depoliticisation where specifi c groups are cast as being unfi t, unready or underserving of politics. These are groups that have been disqualifi ed from the political and are to be administered. This is ruling the margins, both in the sense of defi ning the marginal to be excluded and the strategies of government exercised on those there confi ned.