chapter  6
Usability heuristics and translation
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This chapter discusses identifying and analyzing the usability of translations. It introduces an evaluation method that can be described as agile: heuristic evaluation or expert evaluation. The chapter explains several heuristics by introducing own proposal for general translation usability heuristics. Purho's heuristics have not been designed for translation purposes, but they have been successfully applied to translated documentation by Anna Harju. Heuristic evaluation is performed by an expert or a group of experts with the help of heuristics -namely, rules, guidelines or usability principles; heuristics are basic rules of thumb. The most commonly used heuristic checklist was originally drawn up by Jakob Nielsen and Rolf Molich, and it contains commonly known principles of user-centered design. In subtitling, projects are typically concentrated on a number of large, global actors who process massive translation volumes and whose production is carried out through long subcontracting chains.