chapter  2
Rethinking religious identity
Pages 22

This chapter attempts to make sense of the religious identity of creative Catholics by situating it in the context of their generation. By giving attention to their views about their own generation and relating these to existing studies, it argues that creative Catholics belong to an isolated generation marked by economic vulnerability, changes to the family, and political detachment. This generation is isolated in so far as these conditions lead to a form of ontological insecurity wrought by individualising consequences. Because they are cognisant of discourses about the distinctiveness of their generation and these conditions, these young people have a discernible collective consciousness. The chapter also argues that their complex religious identity is in fact a way of dealing with their ontological insecurity. The social conditions of the isolated generation, which needs to be reiterated, are unique to today's young Filipinos. They did not witness the traumatic political unrest during the Marcos dictatorship in the 1970s and 1980s.