chapter  3
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Subject and dispositif in the occupied Palestinian territories

The Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories and resistance to it are not unitary entities defined in a concrete way. Instead, both are made up of many smaller elements. The elements that make up the occupation and the elements that make up resistance are directed at turning Palestinians into subjects and to resisting subjectification, respectively. As such, rather than examine the occupation as one phenomena, it is more informative to examine the elements that constitute it, and for the purpose of this project, the elements that constitute it in relation to Palestinian women. As explained in the introduction, women’s daily lived experiences of occupation and resistance are a most enlightening means of examining these elements because they can demonstrate how insidious the occupation is, and how resistance to it is equally multifarious. To understand how both occupation and resistance to it are directed at ‘the subject’ and are made up of myriad elements, the concept of dispositif becomes very useful.