chapter  1
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Women, (in)security and violence

This chapter has been critical of Israeli policy, but in doing so the aim is to demonstrate that Israeli processes of security in their current form cannot make Israelis 'secure' if they make Palestinians insecure. In centralising how individual Palestinian women narrate occupation and resistance, it demonstrates that practices, procedures and processes of power that formulate secure subjects will also formulate resistances, challenges and counters to those practices. Some of these resistances may be spectacularly violent, and some will appear as almost mundane elements of daily life, and most will be found somewhere on the spectrum between. From this, one can conclude that resistance is inseparable from the exercise of power and the perspective of daily lived experience is the best starting point for examining the relationships between power and resistance. Furthermore, the aim of the dispositif of occupation was to demonstrate the incredible hardship, political violence and loss Palestinian women are subjected to.