chapter  1
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A Dilemma for Kant’s Theory of Substance

This conclusion presents some closing thoughts on key concepts discussed in the preceding chapters of this book. The book examines the results of Immanuel Kant's transition project to the problem of affection. This is a problem that has dogged the Critical philosophy since its inception and most early interest in Opus postumum (OP) was generated by those who thought that it contained a possible solution to the problem. Double-affection has considerable appeal, and was the source of most early interest in OP. Kant expands on the intrinsic relation between the object and the subject by incorporating his solution to the gap problem into his treatment of affection. The book also suggests that the gap problem and the transition project have tried to make the post-Critical Kant as consistent as possible with his Critical self. Anyone interested in understanding Kant's Critical philosophy cannot afford to ignore his transition project.