chapter  3
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Kant’s Ether Deduction

This chapter is an attempt to reconstruct a valid and arguably sound version of Kant’s Ether Deduction from the Übergang [transition] section of OP. In accordance with the above quote, I will argue that Kant’s Ether Deduction establishes the actuality of the ether as a material transcendental condition for the unity of experience. The chapter is divided into four sections. The fi rst section discusses the structure of the Übergang section and its function within Kant’s transition project. The second section offers a translation of an extended selection of passages from Übergang 11 as well as a formal reconstruction of Kant’s argument there. Section three examines the main steps of this reconstruction of the Ether Deduction in light of the Critical project so that one might see that Kant’s Ether Deduction is a signifi cant post-Critical development of the Critical-era philosophy. The fi nal section evaluates the success of Kant’s Ether Deduction fi rst with regard to my particular reconstruction but then also in terms of what Kant might have intended with the Ether Deduction compared to what he actually achieved.