chapter  10
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Post-modernism has at its core a kind of recycling, and rock music certainly does that; if Led Zeppelin reconstituted the blues, then The Darkness reconstituted Led Zeppelin. Architectural history books of this type published before the Second World War found a kind of triumphal, self-satisfied destination in Modernism. The question marks against the authority of Modernism were largely presented by the advent and eventual triumph of consumerism. The Second World War had simultaneously provided a tumult of technology and a great opportunity for rebuilding while demonstrating the power of the people especially that part of the community systematically ignored previously; women. Post-modernity as an adjunct of late capitalism was effectively pounced upon by cultural theorists such as David Harvey and Fred-rich Jameson and opportunistically by magazines like The Face, since Postmodernism was all about the people, and it was fun, and there were no more heroes in it.