chapter  2
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Ancient Greece

This chapter explores the relation of the Ancient Greek gods to man. The gods are immortal; man is not. There is no absolute god; there are many of them, with the master of the god household being Zeus. Meantime, as demonstrated by 'godlike Achilles', people have half-gods, mediators between the world of the gods and the world of humans. The social structure of the Ancient Greeks is very much one of tribes, tribes that are away from their homeland plundering treasure in their long black ships. Ancient Greek architecture as a whole as inhabitable, it tends towards a safe rather than the interior. The only one modern architect who has studied Ancient Egypt, the excellent Walter Segal, who drew archaeological discoveries on site when he was strapped to do much else within some twentieth-century hiatus, but even that was the result of a particular hiatus the readers can trace back to the Greeks, not the Egyptians.