chapter  5
The “real” time of gender
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S is a 40-year-old male-to-female transsexual, who, upon starting her transition, felt ashamed of her femininity. S hated being a man but she also hated being a woman. She perceived women as “inferior, weak, submissive and empty”. S came to see me after moving to Ontario from another province to start a new position in her company, where she was employed as an electrician. She had brought her suitcase full of women’s clothing, which she intended to wear after work hours, as she had done for the past ten years. Her decision to accept the transfer to Toronto involved what she described as a new hope of finally becoming what she really was, a woman. She planned to announce to her co-workers her intention to transition and to begin the process within the year. However, six months after her arrival in the “city of hope”, her suitcase remained closed. She complained about being “unable to play” and feeling “encased in concrete”.