chapter  2
Linguistic Diversity and Polyglossia
Pages 12

The author indicates that the meaning of a name is important, yet does not offer the non-Beti reader a translation of the name in question. If access to the onomastic games played by Mongo Beti, Henri Lopes and Olympe Bhely-Quenum rely on knowledge of African languages, the games played by Liking rely first and foremost on knowledge of African or, specifically, Bassa folklore and mythology. The translator draws on felicitous similarities between French and English to recreate the wordplay effectively in the target language:Je m'allonge sur le canape et entame un dialogue avec mes hormones. The published translation simply omits the wordplay, translating the interpreter's words simply. Another translation that uses an extratextual explanatory approach to wordplay is that of Nganang's Temps de chien. The translator renders all of the variants mentioned in this chapter as 'golden logbook', prioritizing the collocative meanings of the phrases over the meanings of the individual elements of which they are composed.