chapter  4
Basilectal and Mesolectal French
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This chapter explores the decolonized translation practice that would also seem, to be very similar to the alternative approaches advocated by Antoine Berman and Lawrence Venuti. The limits and applicability of 'postcolonial translation theory' thus become a matter for debate, in much the same way in which the taxonomy and boundaries of postcolonial studies itself have become open to discussion and dispute. Anthony Pym argues in favour of viewing translators as 'members of intercultures or as having some degree of interculturality'. Samia Mehrez uses the term 'postcolonial text' to refer to 'anglophone and francophone literatures from the ex-colonies as well as the increasing ethnic minorities in the First World metropoles', defining them as hybrid because of the 'culturolinguistic layering which exists within them'. In some respects, this postcolonial turn might be viewed as a continuation, or extension, of the 'cultural turn' identified by Susan Bassnett and Andre Lefevere.