chapter  2
Non vixit: A ghost story
Pages 17

The sense of being solidly oneself whilst capable of a psychological flexibility that allows for various identifications and relationships with one's own internal objects, as well as with those projected into us, is essential for a well-functioning psychoanalyst. Both Sigmund Freud and Florence Nightingale are involved in the process of cure, both kill rather than cure their patients; their narcissism being an impediment to the ability to diagnose the situation properly. Nurse Nightingale uses the wraparound model, Dr Freud the stick-inside-the-head model. For this particular patient, for whom analysis needed to function mostly as a container, Florence was idealised; his method of curing his analyst is very consistently through protecting her from guilt, and reassuring her through idealisation; imparting painful knowledge is experienced as cruel. Giving the analyst a new baby would of course be a more Sigmund method. Both methods of treatment of cure can be attacking, both can be reparative, both idealised, both erotised.