chapter  5
Psychoanalysis and literature
Pages 13

Excessive envy interferes with adequate oral gratification and acts as a stimulus towards the intensification of genital desires and trends. This implies that the infant turns too early towards genital gratification, with the consequence that the oral relation becomes genitalised and the genital trends become too much coloured by oral grievances and anxieties. If envy proves all love is a sham, then the past where it once existed also ceases to be. This kind of omnipotent phantasy destroys time. When envy has the upper hand, the sight tormenting is unbearable, and thus ceases to be borne. It is diminished by contempt, falsified, robbed of its good qualities; it is consciously experienced as a sham. Somehow the need to make the point about envy being an essential part of human nature led to an overuse of the words innate and constitutional attached to envy.