chapter  6
Imparadised in hell: Idealisation, erotisation and the return of the split-off
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The only way of tolerating existence is to lose oneself in as in a perpetual orgy. When the hysteric switches tracks to the parallel universe of the perpetual orgy, the delusional belief that belongs to that dissociated, in which this phantasy is, has always been and forever will be the only reality. The point of the hysterical attack when this perpetual orgy phantasy is re-enacted is both to experience and to powerfully project the experience that a detached observer who is capable of thinking and understanding does not exist. The polymorphous perpetual orgy organisation, knows that anything that looks like dependence is a sham, that all good feelings are false. The question of genuineness in hysterical patients, and the uncomfortable suspicion of bad faith, come from the projection of the omniscient conviction that the perpetual and ubiquitous orgy in the other track self, comprises the entirety of reality, and that therefore any contrary evidence is to be disregarded as unreal.