chapter  7
‘For ever wilt thou love, and she be fair!’: On Quixotism and the golden age of pre-genital sexuality
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For the patient, at the most basic level, it is always the object who needs changing in order to cure the patient from her suffering. Every analysis involves a conflict between the patient's and the analyst's methods of cure, and a conflict about who needs treatment. All patients have become ill through excessive use of pathological methods of self-cure; and in the process of analysis, all patients will need to make their analysts 'ill' through unconsciously infecting them with their own kind of psychic experience. Cure by insight will be for most patients' acquired taste. The analyst alternates between seeing the splitting and disavowal as a deliberate, convenient strategy, and seeing it as a sign of serious, unconscious damage, which never heals. In one version, the patient chooses to move across to a better place, to move up to a superior position.