chapter  14
The ‘perpetual orgy’: Hysterical phantasies, bisexuality and the question of bad faith
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The last paragraph in Freud’s (1908a) extraordinary paper ‘Hysterical Phantasies and their Relation to Bisexuality’ runs:

In psychoanalytic treatment it is very important to be prepared for a symptom to have a bisexual meaning. We need not then be surprised or disconcerted if a symptom seems to persist undiminished even though one of its sexual meanings has been solved; it may be maintained by a meaning that belongs to the opposite sex and that we may not have suspected. During the treatment of cases like this we can also observe that while one sexual meaning is being analysed, the patient fi nds it convenient constantly to switch the thoughts that come to him into the fi eld of contrary meaning, as if onto a neighbouring track.