chapter  IV
The First Period 1
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In 1849-at the age of twenty-one that Tolstoi started a school. As a matter of fact, education attracted him at all times, but his busy well-filled life prevented him from devoting himself to this school. The first period during which he took an active interest in education began about his thirtieth year. It proceeded from 1858 till 1862 with an interruption in 1860 for his second journey abroad, of which mention has already been made. This was a busy and practical period when Tolstoi, with a little help given mostly by students, was himself at the head of the country school opened in the grounds of Yasnaia Poliana. As we already know, at this time metaphysical and moral preoccupations had now bent his mind in the direction of teaching. Tolstoi first journey abroad, one devoted to the study of foreign schools. Tolstoi settled in the country, and occupied himself with the organization of schools for the peasantry.