chapter  7
Advancing Advocacy: Moving from the Client to the System
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World AIDS Day was fi nally acknowledged in Charlotte in 2010. The HIV Council described in the previous chapter had worked all fall to plan a public display and reading of an HIV Proclamation by the County Commissioners. It took a lot of effort to make something happen on World AIDS Day. First, we presented an update and report on HIV disease to the Health and Community Safety Committee of the County Commissioners in May 2010. This was followed by a public presentation to the entire Board of County Commissioners in September. We worked hard on a presentation that combined factual information with fi rsthand accounts, and asked for the County Commissioners to read a public proclamation in support of efforts to reduce new incidence of HIV/AIDS, and to have a public display to raise awareness of the impact of HIV disease in the community on World AIDS Day. The presentation was extremely well received by insiders, the public, and the County Commissioners. Our requests were granted-we were “on” for World AIDS Day. The public display would be of shoes, with each pair of shoes representing a new HIV case in 2010. Termed “Sole 2 Soul,” the public display of shoes had been present at each of the 2010 HIV/AIDS Awareness Days and was the result of grassroots community organizing, with some support from the HIV Council. The shoes would be displayed at the Government Center, and one of the County Commissioners would read the Proclamation (see Appendix D) after a four-block public march from the center of downtown to the Government Center.