Mīnās Wanāg Sagad II 'Admās Sagad I
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In the second year of his reign Minas was faced with a serious revolt, which was headed by Yeshak (Isaac), the Bahar Nagash, who had been made governor of a large district of Abyssinia by Claudius. This officer had been treated with great indignity by Minas during the first year of his reign, and knowing the cruel disposition of the king he feared not only for his possessions but for his life. Minas ordered an old captain called Zar’a Yohannes to collect all the soldiers he could find as quickly as possible, and to go and crush the rebellion in its early stage. Isaac attacked the Abyssinians fearlessly and routed them with loss, and then with the support of a large portion of the army proclaimed Tazkaro, a son of Ya‘kob, the second son of David II (Lebna Dengel), king in the country of Dabr. When Minas heard of this he marched against Isaac with a large army, and defeated him utterly on the plain of Wagara in July 1561. Tazkaro was made prisoner, and the king ordered him to be taken to the top of the precipitous mountain of Lamalmon, and hurled down among the rocks at the foot of it.