Sūsenyōs Malak Sagad III, Seltān Sagad I
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The Basha received him kindly, and then the prince went and lived in Jerusalem where he embraced the Catholic Religion. On the invitation of Pope Urban V III he went to Rome (1632) and later to Paris where he was well received by Louis X III, and Cardinal Richelieu gave him lodgings in his Chateau de Reuil, near Paris (1634). Saga Krestos led a life of debauchery and, succumbing to an attack of pleurisy, died in 1638, aged 38 years. He was known by many names: Saga Krestos (baptismal name), Mammo, Klarso, Lesana Krestos, Ithassi, ‘Abd al-Mas and Athanasius. He was converted by the Spanish Jesuit Antoine des Anges, who arrived in Abyssinia in 1605 and died in 1623 (Morie, Histoire de tEthiopie^ tom. II. p. 280).