'Asma Gīyōrgīs (George), Masīh Sagad, 'Adbār Sagad, Bakāffā
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During the early years of his reign many revolts broke out, and many pretenders to the throne appeared, but the king was himself vigilant and he took care to surround himself with faithful soldiers who reported at once whatever they heard or saw. A rebel who appeared in Amhara was seized, and he was set free with the loss of a hand. In February the Princess Walatta Petros, a concubine of the king, died of the “ Egyptian death, which is a superfluity of blood, whilst she was giving birth to her child” (W °t s i Hflniit s s &9° i MHs In March the king had the foot of the ’Abeto Na‘od, a rebel, cut off, and the man died from the effect of the operation. In the 2ND YEAR of Bakaffa’s reign he ordered Tasfa lyasus to attack the Djaw; they submitted and a great number of cattle were seized as spoil. In June and July he sent officers to exterminate various bodies of troops who were supposed to have conspired against him. In October of the 3RD YEAR of his reign he raised ’Awalda Negest to the rank of “ empress” (’Itege), but the lady fell sick the same night and died a few days after. In June a rebel was caught in the house of Zarea Seyon, and when the king asked the rebel who he was, he replied, “ I am Hezkeyas, the son of Prince Ya‘kob.” On the rebel was a letter containing a list of the names of all his supporters; his hand was cut off, and he died. In the same month a company of soldiers were condemned to death, and “ blood flowed like water on the public square.” During the rainy season a revolt under ’Amha-Iyasus took place.