Takla Hāymānōt II, 'Admās Sagad II, Tebab Sagad, Hāyl Sagad
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Takla Haymanot entered wholeheartedly into Michael’s plans for the crushing of Fasll, which his father had always refused to do. In November the king’s army set out for Bure by way of Azazo, and when they arrived there they found Fasll and his army of soldiers from Damot, Agaw, and Maytshe; with them was an army of Galla under the command of Walda Yasus. In December a great battle was fought at Fagltta, or Fagta, and Fasll was defeated with heavy loss. Ten thousand men were killed. He escaped with a few chosen officers, and succeeded in surprising a body of musketeers on a hill who were “ sniping ” the Galla, and he slew about 300 of them. He was pursued by horsemen of Lasta and Begamder, and when they overtook him a further slaughter of his men took place ; he again escaped. The rebel Watchaka came and made submission, but Michael reminded him how he had once ordered him (Michael) to leave the country in ten days, and con­ demned him to death by the decree of the judges. The Chronicle says (Weld Blundell, p. 210) that Watchaka was “ put to death like a bullock,” which is a euphemistic way of saying that he was flayed alive, and his skin, stuffed with straw, was brought to Ras Michael.