Walda Salōmōn (Solomon) I
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Ras Gusho made no attempt to remove the king from the throne, but the possession of absolute power made him soon follow in the footsteps of Michael, and he became detested generally. At length the king had him arrested, because he was by degrees filching all authority from the throne, but Wand Bawasan came to the help of his old friend, and he compelled the king to abdicate, and ruled the kingdom temporarily. Takla Haymanot retired to Waldeba and died a few months after his abdication. And here, unfortunately, we must take leave of Bruce, who left Abyssinia and made his way home via Sennaar at the end of 1771. As an eye-witness of the events he describes his testimony concerning Abyssinia and its people is more valuable than the Chronicles. From this point onwards we have only the Chronicles to rely on for information, and they make it very clear that the next ten or a dozen kings were mere puppets in the hands of a few warlike chiefs and feudal governors.