Īyāsū (Joshua) III Ba'āla Sagad
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Before lyasu was deposed two rival kings appeared, namely, A tse Ba’eda Maryam M * llh £ , who came out of Tigray and Godjam, and A tse Iyasu h lth+yfo* . These took part with the enemies of Ras ‘All of Bagemder, and fought against him, and were defeated and Baeda Maryam was killed. Then it seems that Ras ‘All for some reason unknown contrived to restore Takla Glyorgls to the throne which he occupied until the 21st of Hamle (July 15 or 26) 1789. Those who supported Ba’eda Maryam felt themselves obliged to nominate a successor, and their choice fell upon one T a k la Haymanot, who took up his abode in Gondar, and is said to have reigned there for a little over a year. But Walda Selasse, Ras of Endarta, crushed Gabra Maskal, Ras of Tigray, and ‘All Ras of Bagemder attacked Gondar with an army of Galla and captured it. Takla Haymanot succeeded in escaping and he fled to Samen and took refuge with Ras Gabriel. Thus in 1788 and 1789 there were five kings reigning in Abyssinia, viz. Iyasu Ba‘ala Segab, Atse Baeda Maryam, Atse Iyasu, Takla Haymanot, and Takla Glyorgls.