European Travellers in Abyssinia between 1800 and 1850
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Kasa now determined that the time had come for him to be crowned king of kings of Abyssinia. He sent for the Abuna Salama, and discussed the matter with him. Salama was on his way to crown Ube when he was stopped at Darasge, but he came to terms with Kasa and agreed to anoint him king if he would expel Monsignor de Jacobis and all the Catholics from the country. This Kasa agreed to do, and the machinery of persecution was at once set in motion against the Catholics who were treated shame­ fully, and many of them died as a result of the harsh treatment which they received. Salama managed to convince all the clergy who were with him that Kasa had been chosen by God to be their king, and as his army was drawn up round about them and the soldiers were showing signs of impatience, they agreed to assist at the coronation of Kasa.