The Legend of Sūsenyōs
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In the Name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost, One God. A prayer of Saint Susenyos for the removal of sickness from the children who are sucking at the breast of their mothers. It will also benefit the woman who is with child, and will prevent miscarriage; thou shalt write it for her and hang it up over her, and by the help of God the Most High and Glorious it will benefit her. The prayer and blessing of Saint Susenyos shall deliver her from everything that would work her harm or thwart her progress, and from Barya, Legewon, Felsat, Kuersot, Weg‘at, Kuertemat, ‘Aynat, Te'at, Zar, Tchenafar, Dedek, the Devil of the Noonday, Gana, Kuerana, Gueshmet, Fegen, Sela, WagI, Bada, Nahabl (black­ smith), Felasha, Aguere‘a, the Hand of man, Guerguebo, Djarba Dawe, and from all evil spirits, and from the men who work en­ chantments and come by day, and by night, and at all times. Protect and deliver Thy handmaiden, WALATTA H a y w a t .